Maximize Exposure - Making The Most Out of Your Campaigns

Maximize Exposure - Making The Most Out of Your Campaigns

Running a media campaign takes a lot of work and effort from a whole team of people. The last thing you want is to have all of those valuable resources go to waste. So how do you maximize your investment and the exposure of your campaign? Let’s dive in. 

A lot of the maximizing decision making will really happen during the planning stage. This is the stage where you get to really get to know your niche. Who’s your audience? And where online will you find them? Once these things are firmly established your Media Buyer can make every dollar count when it comes to purchasing time. 


Hone In On Your Target Audience

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Now the benefits of honing in on your target audience is pretty self explanatory, but let’s list off a few of the big ones. Understanding your Target Audience allows you to: 

  • Ensure your customers feel a connection with your brand and product. 
  • Price your product/service appropriately.
  • Package/brand your product/service in an appealing way for your target demographic. 
  • Understand your target audience’s online behavior: when are they online and what channels are they using?



  • Ensure you know the difference between your target market and your target audience. 

Hint: Your Target Audience is a smaller more specific group within the larger target marketing demographic.

Example: Target market - Married women, aged 25-35. vs Target Audience - Married women, employed, living in Cleveland, aged 25-35. 


Learn to read your audience’s Purchase Intention

There are phases when purchasing things such as researching and planning before reaching the ready to purchase point. A good media planning team will be able to walk you through reading the online behavior signs of your target market so you know what message to show as well as when and where to show it. 


Find your target audience’s interests

A good media planning team or agency will pay attention to the interests of your target audience to help you plan the best timing and channels for your campaigns. 

Example: Let's say you sell rugged, performance-engineered luggage. Finding people who enjoy international backpacking trips, hiking, and camping as hobbies would greatly interest you. Then, if you take that knowledge and time your campaigns around holidays/long weekends and school/college breaks, you can significantly increase your campaign's effectiveness.


Know Your Audience's Channels

At this point, I can see your wheels turning from here. Everything is clicking, and you already see how all the information above has led you here. 

  1. You've learned your target audience and now adjusted your brand, so you connect and resonate with them. 
  2. You've studied their online behavior, so you know which ads to put in front of them, whether for their research, purchasing, or connection-building phases. 
  3. You've learned your audience's interests, so you've adjusted your campaigns to highlight the value of your product/service to their particular interests. 
  4. Channels: Now, armed with the highly prized above information, all you need to know is Where to put that highly tailored and effective ad you've created. Knowing the channels your audiences use and when means you never pay for ad space that doesn’t land right in front of your consumer.


Work With The Best

So here you are, staring into the distance seeing $$$ in your future. We're right there with you, and we want to help. This kind of in-depth market research takes time and know-how. We've got that. We've over 20 years of marketing experience and have traveled worldwide, creating video and brand campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, the MLB & NFL, and sneaker commercials. 

But our best quality is that while we bring all of our experience to bear for you, we'll always keep sight of your product, campaign, and budget. 

You have a business to run, but at AdworksVideo, this is what we live and breathe. So let our experts help you and see a recordable difference in the ROI of your next campaign. Contact us today!